Privacy policy

Last updated 18/04/2024

Version: 1.0.2


Eurotiercé is a company that offers games and online betting services. Eurotiercé is responsible for your data and is committed to ensuring a high level of protection for your data. Eurotiercé presents its privacy policy to provide you with clear and comprehensive information about the collection and use of your personal data.

Eurotiercé is committed to respecting the trust you place in it by complying with applicable regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As the data controller, Eurotiercé determines how your personal data is collected and the purposes for which it is processed.

Eurotiercé may adapt its services and systems and update this privacy policy to maintain a high standard of data protection. We recommend that you check this section regularly.

This privacy policy applies to all websites, betting and information apps, games and bets, promotional operations, and communications, regardless of the technical means, as well as any other initiatives by Eurotiercé that involve the collection of personal data.

Collection of personal data

All personal data provided is stored on the BeCasino platform and remains strictly personal and confidential. Sensitive information is stored in encrypted form.

The categories of personal data stored are:

  • Personal identification, such as name, address, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, gender, and telephone number.

    • Electronic identification, such as username, email, browser type, and IP-address

      • Identity card or passport number/national identification number

        • Financial identification and transactions

          When are your personal data collected?

          Eurotiercé collects your personal data in various situations, including when you use the following services:

          • To open and use a gaming account and its features.

            • To communicate with customer service.

              • To manage payments on your gaming account.

                • To participate in a promotional operation, game, contest, or drawing.

                  • To receive payment of your winnings in a retail outlet.

                    • To allow you to gamble responsibly.

                      • For certain transactions reaching a specified threshold in retail outlets.

                        Eurotiercé ensures that it only collects data that is absolutely necessary for the relevant service.

                        If you choose not to provide certain personal data, it is possible that you may no longer have access to certain services offered.

                        How are your data collected?

                        Depending on the services provided by Eurotiercé, we may collect different types of data in various ways.

                        Data collection can be:

                        • direct, meaning with information you provide, such as when you fill out the gaming account opening form or when you use your gaming account.

                          • indirect, meaning through technical elements like cookies or via partners, or through a third party sharing your data.

                            Why are your data used?

                            Below, you will find a description of the main processing activities we carry out with your data.

                            The General Conditions are those of the online gaming account.

                            1. Opening your gaming account

                            The processing activities carried out in this context are necessary for the execution of the contract. We collect your data on the gaming account opening forms. Mandatory information is indicated with an asterisk (*). It is your responsibility to verify this information before validating the opening of your gaming account.

                            When opening your account, we offer you the option to receive communications.

                            2. Management of your gaming account

                            We offer a wide range of features accessible through your gaming account. As part of the use of this account and to comply with our contractual obligations detailed in the General Account Conditions, we process, among other things, your identification data, your games and bets, your winnings, and your financial transactions.

                            Your personal data can be accessed via your gaming account. We ask you to keep your identification elements strictly personal. For your security, we ask that you never provide your identification details to a third party.

                            The law requires us to verify your identity and retain the associated documents.

                            3. Financial transactions

                            a. IBAN

                            The bank details you provide to us are used solely at your discretion to make deposits and/or withdrawals from your gaming account.

                            Your bank details are necessary to fund your gaming account by bank transfer or to withdraw your winnings from your gaming account to your bank account.

                            b. Other means of deposit

                            You have the option to fund your gaming account using the payment methods you prefer from the list provided on our gaming sites, in accordance with the General Account Conditions.

                            4. Interactions with Customer Service

                            You are free to contact our customer service. If it is necessary to process your request, customer service may access your gaming account data. If you do not have a gaming account, our customer service may ask for your personal information (name, first name, phone number, email, etc.) in order to manage your request and contact you if necessary. You can refuse to provide this information, but some of your requests that require it may not be processed.

                            Your written exchanges are recorded in order to identify you, provide information, resolve any issues, contact you if necessary, and improve our service quality.

                            5. Promotions

                            Eurotiercé offers games, contests, promotional operations, and drawings, hereafter referred to as "Promotions." These Promotions are either open to everyone or reserved for certain customers based on our legitimate interest in promoting our products. The individuals receiving these Promotions may be selected based on their gaming habits.

                            As part of these Promotions and in order to comply with the terms of the offers, Eurotiercé processes your personal data. These processing activities include, among other things, tracking your registration, participation, communication with you, determining the winners, and providing them with the promised rewards, in accordance with the rules of the games offered. We recommend that you refer to the regulations of each Promotion for more details.

                            6. Commercial Communications

                            If you have given your consent, you may receive commercial communications such as newsletters, promotional offers, satisfaction surveys, or information regarding your gaming account. We primarily communicate via email. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

                            Our messages we send you may be tailored to your preferences, habits, and the amounts you play or win. We may also send you messages on similar topics that we would like to introduce you to.

                            7. Responsible Gaming

                            We implement the necessary measures to ensure that gambling remains enjoyable. When you open a gaming account, we transmit your data to the "Gaming Commission," which approves or rejects your registration.

                            Your account is checked daily by the Gaming Commission and may be invalidated during each check. The details of the reason and duration are not disclosed by Eurotiercé.

                            Finally, you have the option to suspend your gaming account for a period of your choosing.

                            8. Combating Fraud, Money Laundering, and Terrorism Financing

                            Eurotiercé complies with its legal obligations in the fight against fraud and money laundering.

                            We implement the necessary technical and human means to secure access to our customers' gaming accounts and the use of payment methods.

                            9. Cookies

                            We only use "technical" cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website.

                            10. Studies and Statistics

                            When you use your gaming account, we collect data generated by your deposits, games, winnings, withdrawals, etc.

                            This data serves our legitimate interest in understanding how you use our range of bets and allows us to measure the effectiveness of our commercial offers in order to adapt and personalize our offers and commercial communications. This data also allows us to predict your behavior to the extent possible and send you appropriate messages.

                            This data also allows us to take appropriate and legitimate measures in the context of Eurotiercé's financial risk management.

                            Do we use your data to personalize the services we offer?

                            In order to send you offers with personalized content and adapt our business relationship, we analyze your use of Eurotiercé's products and services. This means that we collect personal data about you for the purposes listed above. We centralize this data and analyze it to assess and predict your personal preferences and/or interests.

                            The analysis of your profile does not result in any automated decisions affecting your privacy.

                            What are the retention periods for your data?

                            Below are the main retention periods for your data:

                            DataRetention Period
                            Account and gaming account movementsTen (10) years from the date of closure of the gaming account
                            Games / contestsOne (1) year after the end of the game
                            Contact with our customer supportSix (6) months after processing the request, unless there is a dispute

                            Commercial communications may be sent for up to one (1) year after the closure of the gaming account.

                            At the end of each of these periods, Eurotiercé anonymizes or deletes your personal data, except in the case of a dispute or a specific request from an authority.

                            What measures are taken to protect your data?

                            In order to protect your personal data against loss, disclosure, unauthorized use, access, and unauthorized modification, Eurotiercé implements the necessary security measures. These measures may be of a physical, technical, and/or organizational nature, such as:

                            • Physical measures: secure premises, access control, etc.

                              • Computer measures: use of dedicated networks, data encryption, computer access control software, etc...

                                • Organizational measures: access rights control, periodic password renewal, etc...

                                  Despite all the attention we pay to this system, if you notice any suspicious operations concerning your personal data, please contact us immediately.

                                  With whom are your data shared?

                                  Only authorized employees of Eurotiercé and authorized subcontractors of Eurotiercé have access to your data.

                                  We ensure that our subcontractors comply with the GDPR and the contractual rules we impose on them regarding data security.

                                  We share some of your personal data with the following categories of individuals:

                                  • At the request of public authorities, such as the "Gaming Commission,"

                                    • With our subcontractors in the course of carrying out the missions entrusted to them.

                                      We are committed to ensuring that our subcontractors comply with the required data security and confidentiality obligations.

                                      What are your rights?

                                      Your gaming account allows you to view, modify, or possibly delete your personal data. You can also request to limit or stop their processing and request data portability, in accordance with the applicable rules.

                                      You can object to receiving commercial messages from Eurotiercé. To do this, you can click on the unsubscribe link in each of our commercial emails at any time or reply STOP to our SMS messages. In case of problems, possible malfunctions, or questions, you can contact our customer service.

                                      Unsubscribing will take effect no later than the beginning of the following month.

                                      To exercise any of your rights, you can contact us via mail at

                                      When you contact us regarding your personal data, we will respond within a maximum of thirty (30) days. If your request is complex, our response times may be extended by an additional thirty (30) days, for a total of sixty (60) days, in accordance with the GDPR. We may need to ask you for proof of your identity to respond to your request.

                                      Where can you file a complaint?

                                      You have the option of contacting the DPA (Data Protection Authority), responsible for the protection of personal data.


                                      Priority of the French Version

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