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BeCasino is operated by the company Euro Tiercé S.A.

www.becasino.be is a Belgian website, safe, legal, and reliable, approved by the Gaming Commission under license B+4264.

Euro Tiercé S.A. is a company registered in Belgium under number BE 882 834 117 and licensed by the Belgian Gaming Commission under number FA 117999 for horse and sports betting.

The company Amusement With Prize has entered into a partnership agreement with Euro Tiercé S.A. for the offering and operation of online dice games available on the platform www.becasino.be, under license B+ number B+4264 issued by the Gaming Commission.

Eurotiercé offers horse and sports betting through its website www.eurotierce.be and also offers a casino game selection through its website www.becasino.be

Enjoy your favorite horse & sports bets and casino games with the same customer account!

Only one account is needed to log in to Eurotiercé and BeCasino.

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What is Eurotiercé?

BeCasino is thus part of the Eurotiercé group, the Belgian subsidiary of PMU, the European leader in horse betting.

Eurotiercé was created in 2006 at the initiative of the National Federation of Belgian Racing in order to:

  • Ensure the fairest and most transparent treatment possible for bettors to make horse betting more attractive, notably through fair treatment of prize pools,
  • To significantly contribute Belgian operators to the Belgian horse racing industry.

Eurotiercé's first online bets were launched in 2008 with the help of the Mons-based IT company Ulysse Group SA. The racetracks offering bets were Tongres and Mons, to which Ostend would join in 2012.

To increase the offer, Eurotiercé contacted the PMU in 2011 to be authorized to collect bets taken in common with the leading European horse betting operator.

In 2013, the company's capital was opened to the PMU, which thus became the main shareholder of Eurotierce.

In May 2014, Eurotiercé launched sports betting to offer its customers a diversified betting offer in addition to horse betting.

In November 2023, Eurotiercé further expanded its offering and launched a casino gaming activity via a new website: www.becasino.be

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What is PMU?

As a historical actor in racing and betting, the PMU is legally defined as an Economic Interest Group (GIE), made up of 66 French racing companies, gathered in a General Assembly.

The PMU designs and markets the game offer. Its net profit is redistributed to the GIE member companies which ensure the development of the horse racing industry in France (over 70,000 direct jobs are involved). This cooperation guarantees the sustainability and growth of a popular passion, with PMU ensuring 80% of the equine industry's revenue in France.

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